Unleash your broadcasting station’s full potential

SQUID will get you there. Whether you are running an unattended station, a one-man
operation or in charge of a full technical team, SQUID won’t judge. It adapts seamlessly to your
workflow or simply creates a new one for you. Based on your budget and needs.

10 things you can achieve with Squid:

  • Manage all areas of a TV station in one single workflow: news, post-production, programming, auditing, branding, archiving and broadcast.

  • Run SQUID on your numbers: unattended station, one-man or full technical team.

  • Adapt, tweak and customize your workflow to your needs.

  • Get ahead of new regulations and technical innovations.

  • Achieve a 24hs broadcast without 24hs workdays.

  • Keep your content at hand all the time.

  • Forget about forgetting advertising.

  • Sleep tight with SQUID Guard’s preemptive support.

  • Handle branding with ease.

  • Integrate your audience through social media.

Visit SquidNet.TV if you wish to learn
how much more you can achieve with SQUID.